Prince — Weird Secrets He Took To The Grave

From paranoia in the '80s to preaching at the end of his life!

Prince — born on June 7, 1958, as Prince Rogers Nelson — was found dead at his Minnesota mansion on Thursday, April 21. The beloved rock star was only 57 years old, and had been hospitalized just a week before after his plane made an emergency landing in Illinois. At the time, representatives insisted that Prince had only been suffering from a lingering flu. That was typical of the privacy demanded by the rock star — but The National ENQUIRER had already learned plenty of the star’s most intimate secrets! Prince shot to stardom with 1984’s “Purple Rain,” with the soundtrack for the the surprise hit  film also becoming a #1 album. The title track even won Prince the Oscar for Best Original Song.

That was also the time when former bodyguard Chick Huntsberry gave The ENQUIRER an exclusive look into the rock star’s secret world. “Prince is certainly the weirdest guy I’ve ever met,” said the hulking ex-wrestler. “And it’s not put on for publicity — he really is weird!” Huntsberry revealed how he spent four years clearing out restaurants and bathrooms for the rock star — in addition to beating up fans who came too close, and rushing to console Prince when terror gripped him in the middle of the night over celebrity stalkers. “It’s heartbreaking,” said Huntsberry. “Prince is the hottest name in show business, yet he’s terrified he’s going to be killed…”