Big Dream!

Peter Dinklage Pays Tribute To Hervé Villechaize

'Game of Thrones' star fulfills 'fantasy' of honoring '70s icon!

Peter Dinklage spent decades planning his tribute to “Fantasy Island” star Hervé Villechaize — 23 years after the pint-sized star committed suicide! The “Game of Thrones” star was obsessed turning Hervé’s sex=crazed life into a movie! The National ENQUIRER had the inside story when Peter began his final campaign to film “My Dinner with Hervé,” with the “Game of Thrones” star using his HBO connections to get his dream project off the ground. Peter also served as executive producer for the film about the manic, 3-foot-10 actor’s bizarre last days, which ended when the ailing star finally blew his brains out on Sept. 4, 1993. Sacha Gervasi, who had his own incredible tale of interviewing Hervé weeks before the actor’s death, finally gave Peter the level of insight needed to capture Hervé’s spirit. “At one point,” said Peter,“Hervé pulled a knife. He was like a pirate — an incredible character!”