The Inside Story!

Lucille Ball’s Secret Life — Granddaughter Tells All

The 'very personal stories' that were kept in the showbiz family!

Lucille Ball was idolized by millions who never knew the real Lucy — but now the TV legend’s granddaughter has revealed the shocking truth about America’s favorite redhead! Julia Arnaz is the love child of an affair between model Susan Howe, then 21, and Lucy’s son Desi Arnaz, Jr. — who was then only 16 years old! Julia never got to meet the “I Love Lucy” star, but she confessed to The National ENQUIRER that family members have told her all about the passionate marriage between Lucy and her grandfather Desi Arnaz. “My father tells me how much I’m like her,” said Julia, who lives in Milford, Conn. “He’s told me very personal stories about my grandmother that the public doesn’t know!”