“Thanks for the memories” funnyman BOB HOPE never actually married his ‘wife ‘Dolores’ – book. 

Was Bob a bigamist? A blockbuster new biography contains the shocking revelation that the comic legend either had two wives – or was never legally married to his beloved Dolores!

Bob passed away at the age of 100 in July 2003, leaving behind an estate that might have been worth as much as $1 billion.

In “Hope: Entertainer of the Century,” biographer Richard Zoglin questioned Bob’s legendary marriage to Dolores. Richard noted that Bob was often vague about the date and place of his marriage, and “some family members suspected the marriage may never have taken place at all.”

He adds that previous biographical material has the couple marrying on Feb. 19, 1934 – “in, of all places, Erie, Pennsylvania.”

In fact, said Richard, “at that time [Bob] was still married to his first wife and vaudeville partner, Louise Troxell. I found divorce papers for Bob and Louise dated November 1934, so either Bob Hope was a bigamist or he lied about marrying Dolores in February that year.”

The author said no marriage license or wedding announcement for Bob and Dolores has ever turned up. The couple had adopted four children together. Dolores died in 2011 at age 102.