Back In The Closet!

Little Richard Blasts Gay Lifestyle In His Final Days

Flaming rock icon looking to go 'straight' to heaven!

Little Richard is getting ready to meet his maker — and the ailing gay rock icon is shedding his Tutti Frutti image! The flamboyant wild man “knows that the end is near and he’s hedging his bets,” The National ENQUIRER has learned from an insider, adding: “Richard wants to get ‘straight’ with the Lord.” That’s even after Richard once came out of the closet as one of rock’s most beloved gay celebrities, saying he only stayed in the closet because “when I first came into show business, they wanted you to look like everybody but yourself!” Now, with his career sidelined by medical issues and contemporaries such as Chuck Berry and Fats Domino dead and buried, he’s readying himself for the end…