Broke Star!

Lisa Marie Presley Hit With $800,000 Lawsuit

Manager fires back after blasting Elvis heir for squandering her fortune!

Lisa Marie Presley went to court over accusing her ex-manager of leaving her in the ranks of broke stars  — but Barry Siegel blasted back that Elvis Presley’s daughter “has only herself to blame!” Now TMZ has reported that he’s suing Lisa Marie for $800,000 in unpaid billing. Lisa is saying that her trust fund is down to a lousy $14,000 bucks and, meanwhile, she is still suing Siegel for “reckless and negligent mismanagement.” That includes her claims that he cost her millions by selling off 85% of her shares in Elvis Presley Enterprises, before sinking the cash into a company that was briefly riding high off the success of “American Idol.”  Read on for details of Lisa Marie’s latest crisis, and click here for more celebrity bankruptcy….