Eye Opener!

Helen Hunt Shocks Fans With ‘GMA’ Appearance

Experts speculate on 'Mad About You' star's latest look!

Helen Hunt shocked her fans with an appearance on “Good Morning America” — with a startlingly different look at 55 years old! RADAR Online turned to experts who believe that the former “Mad About You” star may have gone too far with cosmetic surgery procedures, and just as industry insiders talk about rebooting the hit show. “Helen Hunt may have benefited from some lifting procedures, such as a facelift and necklift from surgery,” said Dr. Adam Schaffner, who hasn’t treated the actress — while also noting that some differences in her appearance could be attributed to lighting, camera-angles, and/or makeup. Dr. Schaffner still told RADAR that the actress could have also had “Botox, fillers and/or skin treatments.” Dr. Anthony Youn also not treated Hunt, but agreed with his NYC colleague that the actress has had work done, saying: “She likely has had a facelift and noticeable eyelid-lift. She also looks smoother, perhaps due to Botox and fillers such as Juvederm.”