Mike Walker

Joltin’ Jodie Foster Jams Jerk Journalist

The actress was interrupted by a reporter on her spa day!

Jodie Foster Spa — She Was interrupted By A Journalist
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Mani-pedi peril for Jodie Foster, whose private girly day at a posh WeHo nail salon got sabotaged by a rude, pushy foreign journalist (not a caring American scribe like … er, me!), who abruptly barged up gushing about being a HUGE fan, praising her for having won an Oscar — then warbling: “… and I just loved your old TV sitcom!” … YEEiiiikkes! …

Said My QT Cuticle Cutie: “Jodie shot this ‘journalist’ a glare and barked that she’d never, EVER starred on a sitcom, but the jerk argued, ‘SURE you did — that one with Paul Reiser!’ Now truly pissed, Jodie barked, ‘You’re confusing me with Helen Hunt!’”

Finally getting it, the embarrassed idiot — blushing brighter red than nail polish — instantly raced out of the salon, tail between legs! Jodie, grinning, deadpanned to her manicurist: “Even that part about winning an Oscar was wrong — I’ve won TWO, dammit!”

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