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Cher’s ‘Top Gun’ Lovers — New Sequel Reunites Her Boy Toys

Pop legend boasts of bedding Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer — in her own words!

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer have plenty to talk about on the set of the new “Top Gun” sequel — with both of the original film’s leads having bedded pop legend Cher! It’s a bizarre footnote to the massive ’80s hit, but Cher hasn’t kept it a secret. In fact, she’s given rave reviews to both of the much-younger actors for their very personal performances. Tom’s been praised as being “in her top five” list of great lovers, while Val got rave reviews, too. Tom and Val don’t have to be jealous while back working together, either. Cher’s very public courting of Val made it clear that her “Top Gun” team-up started before the movie’s stars had even met…