Night Flight!

Burt Reynolds’ Mission To Dump Manure On The National ENQUIRER

Star took to the skies to violate our Christmas tree!

Burt Reynolds struggled through his final years over money — but he was once willing to spend big bucks to drop horse manure on The National ENQUIRER offices! In fact, the Grinch-like star  took delight in taking aim at The ENQUIRER’s annual Christmas display that thrilled local kids in Florida! Burt would later proudly to his late-night hijinks in 2015 while calling in to Dan Le Batard during the ESPN host’s radio show. The malevolent mission took place after Burt had moved permanently to his Florida home, while The ENQUIRER had its headquarters in the neighboring coastal town of Lantana. It had become a Sunshine State tradition for children to gather at ENQUIRER headquarters to see an annual holiday display featuring animated figures, 280,000 twinkling lights, and the world’s tallest Christmas tree. But none of that mattered to Burt…