Trouble In Paradise

The Secrets Tearing Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Apart

The sweet music is fading for the star couple already!

Check out smitten showbiz lovebirds Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani as you’ve never seen them before — LOOKING UTTERLY MISERABLE!

Two months after they began dating following the breakup of their marriages to Miranda Lambert and Gavin Rossdale, the couple was caught after a fight in Los Angeles on Feb. 3.

“There is trouble because Blake has been pushing Gwen behind the scenes to tell him all of her secrets!” a source told The National ENQUIRER.

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Another insider said Gwen, 46, has a few things to hide from her 39-year-old “Voice” colleague and lover.

“Gwen is deeply insecure and becomes obsessed with the men that she dates,” dished the insider.

“Before her 13-year marriage with Gavin fell apart amid him cheating, she dated the bassist in her band No Doubt. When he dumped her in 1994, she fell apart.”

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Romance Is Haunted

The pop star also fears Blake will find out just how high-maintenance she can be! She never leaves the house without bold red lipstick and her signature blonde hair extensions.

“But Blake figures if he’s going to marry her, he ought to know (her secrets) and she’s been resisting and it’s caused some bad blood!” spilled the source.

While country bad boy Blake claimed there’s no trouble in the relationship, the spy confided: “She’s the complete opposite from the type of women that Blake usually falls in love with, like his ex Miranda, who prefers to wear her hair in a short bob and is comfortable being au naturel.”

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According to the source, Gwen’s obsessed with being a size zero, proudly showing off her bare midriff. She also went on an extreme vegan diet following the birth of her third child, Apollo.

“And she hates the idea of killing animals,” revealed the friend.

“But Blake loves to hunt. If they can get past these issues, maybe it’s true that opposites do attract!”

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