Booze Battle!

Ben Affleck Fights To Stay Sober As Jen Kicks Him Out

Film star's fairy-tale life going down in flames!

Ben Affleck is unrecognizable in this shocking and tragic photo of the once-handsome star as he descends into a booze-soaked oblivion!

The startling image of the bloated and bleary-eyed looking actor was snapped by a National ENQUIRER photographer soon after the fading “Justice League” star completed a “booze boot camp” in a last-ditch bid to save his doomed marriage to Jennifer Garner. “Ben looks bloated and clammy!” tattled a source. “He doesn’t seem to be getting enough sleep. All that muscle he put on for ‘Justice League’ has gone to fat by the looks of him. He’s even got a paunch! We fear he could relapse!”

Sadly, the shot came only one day before The ENQUIRER spied moving trucks outside Ben’s now presumably former family home in Pacific Palisades, California. Burly men spent the day loading up a large white truck with what are thought to be Ben’s belongings — while the sad-faced star supervised. Ben and Jen, the mother of his three children, split two years ago amid allegations Ben had cheated on her with the kids’ nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

Since then, Ben has been holed up in a “man cave” guesthouse on the family’s estate, as he and Jen desperately tried to work out their issues. Sources said Jen had even packed Ben off to “booze boot camp” to try to save the marriage. It was Ben’s second stint in rehab for alcohol addiction. But the troubled couple finally called it quits and officially filed for divorce.

“Deep down, Ben thinks they’ll reconcile,” dished the source. “But he’s deluded! Getting back with Jen is a fantasy he’s clinging to. He doesn’t seem to get that they’re done.” “Jen stood by him for their children, and out of respect for their marriage, but it’s over. She’s ready to live her own life.”

But “Batman vs. Superman” star Ben looked like he’d just come off a bender, while Jen was glowing! “Jen looks fantastic — a ray of light! She hasn’t looked so good in months!” gushed a pal. “Filing for divorce has done wonders for her. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders. It’s time for her to move on — and for Ben to grow up!”