Showbiz Mystery!

Aretha Franklin’s Famous Secret Love That She Took To The Grave

How 'Mr. Mystique' became 'Mr. Selfish!'

Aretha Franklin lost her heart to a fellow showbiz legend — but the notoriously outspoken Queen of Soul still kept fans guessing about her lover’s identity! The mystery began with the release of Aretha’s 1999 autobiography “Aretha: From These Roots.” That’s when the famously outspoken Queen of Soul revealed that she had carried on a secret love affair for 40 years with her fellow star. The superstar singer only described the man as “a well-known public figure,” and insisted on referring to him as simply “Mr. Mystique.” The determined diva refused to reveal her dream man’s identity, though — until finally speaking out on her deathbed! Over the years, though, determined fans had already tried to solve the mystery behind the disappointing mystique…