'Mr. Mystique!'

Aretha Franklin’s Deathbed Confession — Her Secret Showbiz Love

Queen of Soul's sordid affair with James Brown!

Aretha Franklin took plenty of feuds to her grave, but finally admitted the secret identity of her one great love! Insiders have told The National ENQUIRER that the Queen of Soul confessed on her deathbed that she’d had a secret four-decade affair with James Brown — the legendary Godfather of Soul! As earlier reported by The ENQUIRER, insiders believed Aretha would take the secret of her great showbiz passion to the grave, after first going public with her great love for the “well-known public figure” that she only referred to as “Mr. Mystique.” The star had first addressed her secret passion in her autobiography, “Aretha: From These Roots,” saying that the couple originally shared just a single night of passion in a New York City hotel room after they met in the 1950s. “I had never been kissed, loved or touched like that,” she recalled, and awoke to a message written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror: “I love you, baby.”