Holiday Hell!

Angelina Jolie’s Plan To Keep Sole Custody Of The Kids

Court battle shows more motivation amid claims actress is moving family to France!

Angelina Jolie is still determined to get sole custody of the kids in her brutal divorce from Brad Pitt, say insiders — as the power couple get ready to spend the holidays battling out their custody agreement in court! Official documents filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court show that Angelina and Brad’s “trial on the bifurcated issue of custody is to begin on December 4, 2018.” The hearing won’t be held in open court, according to the affidavit, and “each party shall advance one half of the cost” of retired Judge John Ouderkirk, who’s agreed to commit to hearing the celebrity split until June 30, 2019. That puts an end to the “interim custody arrangement” that Angelina agreed to in June. But insiders have added that there’s also a custody battle over a winery in France — just as other sources say Angelina still hopes to move there with the couple’s six kids…