Mike Walker

Zsa Zsa Gabor: Haunted By Ghost Of Daughter On Her Deathbed

Glamorous star goes out with a spooky story!

zsa zsa gabor dead daughter

Mike Walker Reports… Here’s a spooky last word on the late Zsa Zsa Gabor, who — in her final days at age 99 — abruptly jerked awake from her corpse-like state, eerily opened her eyes, suddenly saw her dead only child … and then SCREAMED at the ghost!

Said a source: “Francesca Hilton — Zsa Zsa’s daughter by Hilton tycoon Conrad Hilton and great-aunt to Paris Hilton — died penniless in 2015, yet Zsa Zsa’s diabolical hubby, Fredéric Prinz Von Anhalt, admits he never told his wife her kid was dead!

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“But after Francesca’s burial, Zsa Zsa would suddenly open her eyes, see her standing before her — and become crazily agitated! So … was Francesca’s restless ghost haunting Zsa Zsa, or was this simply an old lady hallucinating during her final hours?

“Either way, a frightening sight! It was as if Francesca could NOT rest in peace, nor could her dying mother! Zsa Zsa never made her peace with her only child … and that’s incredibly sad!”