Zsa Zsa's daughter Francesca Hilton who had been in a legal war with her stepfather Prinz von Anhalt died of a stroke last night in a Los Angeles restaurant. 

As The National ENQUIRER recently reported Hilton, 67, had been living in a Hollywood flophouse and her car despite being the only daughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. “I live with murderers!” Hilton said in December.

“We were on the phone minutes before she died,” publicist Ed Lozzi — Francesca’s publicist for years, who later helped Hilton in public relations battle with von Anhalt — told RadarOnline.

“We were discussing her book she was writing and a possible deal. She had to go to the restroom. She never made it out.”

Francesca had been “under extreme pressure” as her stepfather “informed [her] that she would no longer be allowed in the house” to visit her ailing mother, Lozzi said.

Francesca was raised a child of wealth and prestige and was the great aunt of Paris Hilton. She had worked as a professional photographer, a publicist and a stand up comedian. She was struggling to survive off a small Social Security check in Los Angeles when she died.

Francescan spent many of her last days living in a dingy motel home in the shadow of a high-rise Hilton. She slept in her car when she couldn’t afford the weekly rent.

“Why don’t the Hiltons help her and avoid the embarrassment?” von Anhalt said, saying that his hands were tied due to a court-ordered conservatorship that controls Zsa Zsa’s money — the result of a long and bitter legal fight with the actress’s daughter.

Sadly, Zsa Zsa, 97, is now suffering total dementia and cannot speak”, Lozzie divulged.