Mike Walker

‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot Battles Back Over Her Breasts

Superheroine caught up in some super sexism!

wonder woman gal gadot breasts
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Mike Walker Reports… Hollywood’s new Wonder Woman Gal Gadot has got her tights in a twist over internet trolling by crude dudes and bitchy babes — who keep shoveling shade that her tatas are a tad tiny to play the Sexy Supergal!

Raged a pal of Gal: “My perky pissed-off pal’s getting it off her chest — battling back like an Amazon warrior … literally busting through her bustier!

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“My Gal ranted: ‘These schmucks are upset about my boobs? Get a life! Wonder Woman’s a fighting Amazon, so I should only have one boob. They’re lucky they’re getting two boobs!”

Gal’s got that “one-boob” fact dead right — history tells us that these fierce warrior princesses often chopped off one gargantuan glamour gland to accurately fire bows and arrows!

Damn trolls are lucky they’re eyeballing a pair, small or not, right?!