Super Humiliation!

Big-Screen ‘Wonder Woman’ Snubs Lynda Carter!

TV icon doesn't even get a bit part in new big-screen version!

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Lynda Carter is “fuming” after movie studio bigwigs froze her out of the upcoming blockbuster “Wonder Woman” feature film!

A source close to the 64-year-old legend told The National ENQUIRER that Lynda, famed for playing Diana Prince and her Amazon warrior alter ego in the TV series that ran from 1975-’79, is “bummed out” over the epic snub.

“She was seriously thinking she might sit down with the producers and give her input on the character,” said the source.

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Due out in June 2017, the new flick stars Israeli beauty Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as her love interest, Steve Trevor.

But producers didn’t want sultry Lynda, once voted “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World,” involved!

The role of the superheroine’s mother, Hyppolita, went to 50-year-old Connie Nielsen.

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One insider believes the movie makers think the tongue-in-cheek style of old-time superhero TV shows, including “Batman,” and “Wonder Woman” is “embarrassing.”

“‘Wonder Woman’ is going to be a serious movie,” huffed the studio insider.

Also, the TV show ran 40 years ago, and the movie’s younger “target audience doesn’t even remember it.”

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However, Lynda may also be blacklisted because she griped about being cheated out of royalties from the show, the source said.

During an appearance on the late Joan Rivers‘ talk show, the statuesque beauty complained: “They use you!! I make nothing. I don’t even make anything from the reruns. Don’t ever settle for net profits. It’s called creative accounting.”

Following “Wonder Woman,” Lynda starred in a few TV series that fizzled. The twice-married beauty also did theater work and released some jazz albums.

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In 2008, she confessed to battling alcoholism and also noted she’d been sober for 10 years.

Her most recent work was as a voice in the 2015 video game “Fallout 4.” But the source said she hoped to revive her image with the new movie.

“She’s sick of being remembered mostly for ‘Wonder Woman’ being stupid, and for nude pictures of her on the Internet from an old drive-in movie,” the insider said.
“She wants to create new, modern memories!”