Mike Walker

Vladimir Putin Dumps Pamela Anderson

He's got his eyes locked on Rupert Murdoch’s ex!

Vladimir Putin The Pamela Anderson Foundation
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Weeks ago I scooped Pam Anderson’s sizzling Moscow-Meets-Hollywood romance with ruthless Russian strongman Vladimir Putin — or, as the “Baywatch” beauty heavy-breathed it to pals, “My Pooty-Poot” — but now I’m … er, rushin’ to report that Pammy and Pooty-Poot suddenly went …Kaput!

Said My Soviet Spy: “This incredible romance flared up after Pam reached out to Putin months ago to campaign for world causes backed by The Pamela Anderson Foundation, including saving the whales. Suddenly enmeshed in a steamy, down-low phone-only romance, they plotted a secret in-the-flesh rendezvous! Pam even gushed to pals about dreams of marrying Putin to save the whales AND the world together!”

Pamela Anderson’s Puttin’ Vladimir Putin In A Marrying Mood!

But it’s all NYET now! Pam, 48, got dumped for billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s brainy Chinese ex-wife, Wendi Deng, 47!

Ka-POW, Pammy!