Mike Walker

Mike Walker Reveals: ‘Tonya Harding Sent Me A Nude Photo’

Movie subject's snail-mail era selfie still a shocker!

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Mike Walker reports…. Way, way back in the day, the devastating and slightly scary Tonya Harding and I occasionally chitchatted on the ding-dong — don’t get ahead of me here, folks!

We also scratched notes back and forth and occasionally did radio interviews in my news job.

So today I’m marveling at her sudden new success, being the title character of the new movie based on her true story, “I, Tonya” — starring hot Margot Robbie of “The Wolf of Wall Street” fame.

Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn Furious Over Nude Photo Leak!

But I still regret she never talked to me after that crazy scandal over rival Nancy Kerrigan’s smashed kneecap!

And please don’t infer I suggested Tonya go for a cheap (but huge!) National ENQUIRER headline!

One riveting thing — Tonya stunned me by mailing an 8×10 envelope containing a full frontal of her flashing an un-publishable, wide-open grin! (I dug the pic out — and there were gasps, of course!

And before our staff even asked — and before you think of it…don’t ask!

It’s X-rated, so… for my eyes only!