Mike Walker

Jealous Sofia Vergara Rages At Sick Joe Manganiello

She wants him to stop flirting with his nurse!

Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello Marriage — She Wants Him To Stop Flirting
PICTURE IT, MI AMIGOS! Sex pistol Sofia Vergara spitting bullets as NOT-so-“MAGIC MIKE” Joe Manganiello — stars exploding in his brain after a painful emergency appendectomy — whimpers to hot-tempered Wifey as she rips him a new one: “Sofia, it is NOT TRUE!” But his green-eyed spitfire spit right back: “Don’t you DARE lie to me, Joe! … I SAW you!”
So what triggered this explosion of hospital jealousy?
Reported My Manganiello Man: “As Joe lay recovering from a burst appendix, Sofia dropped by unexpectedly one afternoon and claimed she’d seen him flirting outrageously with his hospital nurse! Poor Joe didn’t know what hit him! He just lay there helpless as Sofia blew a fuse, accusing him of hitting on this very pretty nurse. It was outrageously unfair because after being sliced and diced on the operating table, girls were the last thing on Joe’s mind!”
Now the hunky star’s at wit’s end, said the source. “Sofia’s jealous outbursts have hit a new low. Joe’s a totally devoted husband, but her trust issues are driving him nuts. Sofia’s one of the world’s most beautiful women, yet she’s terrified of losing him to someone else. If she keeps this up, the magic’s gonna go adios!” Stay tuned.