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Sofia Vergara To Joe Manganiello: ‘Don’t Spend My Dough!’

Joe is getting sick of Sofia’s frugal ways!

Sofia Vergara Joe Manganiello Money — She’s Cheap
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Sofia Vergara has the bankroll of a Rockefeller but the stinginess of a Scrooge!

The highest-paid actress on TV is valued at more than $100 million, but the “Modern Family” bombshell still pinches every nickel and dime as if it’s her last — and it’s driving husband Joe Manganiello crazy!

The “Magic Mike” star, 39, worth about $16 million himself, is annoyed by his new wife’s frugal ways, and it’s starting to drive a rift between them, spies gabbed to The National ENQUIRER.

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“Joe has always been very generous with his money. … He doesn’t quite get why she’s so tight with it,” revealed an insider.

“Sofia grew up poor, so it’s a lifelong habit that’s not likely to change.”

The Colombian-born beauty, 43, is adept at hustling for deals and keeping precise tabs on all aspects of her finances.

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“She loves to haggle,” dished a spy. “She’s always looking for ways to save money.” But the cheapo act is wearing thin on Joe.

“Sofia just keeps reminding Joe that he didn’t grow up poor like she did … and accuses him of wasting money!” added the insider.