Mike Walker

Ryan Reynolds Raves About Robot Ex-Wife

Wife Blake Lively was annoyed about the Scarlett Johansson look-alike.

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Marriage — Scarlett Johansson Robot
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HELLO, DOLLY! Proving men are definitely dumber than robots, “Deadpool” hunk Ryan Reynolds got so excited over headline-making news pics of that astonishingly lifelike walkie/talkie/robo-dolly of ex-wife Scarlett Johansson — created for $50,000 by a Chinese designer who crafted a 3D “skeleton,” yummy silicone skin and cute li’l eyes that actually wink when ScarBot coos, “Thank you!” — that he babble-blurted what his new, live wife Blake Lively HATED hearing!

Reports My Knows-A-Lot SpyBot: “Ryan’s brain stupidly got … er, lost in translation when he raved to his new wife: ‘WOW! … That doll looks more like Scarlett than SCARLETT … and I SHOULD KNOW!’” …YeeeeeOW! (Dumbass!) …

Hubby got NO Lively chuckle from furious Wifey, who raged at robot-brain: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Maybe I should get that guy to make a clone for YOU — then you can snuggle with your lifeless ex WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!”

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OUCH! (NOTE TO BLAKE: Actually, every guy reading your “threat” just got HORNY AS HELL! A ScarBot that NEVER says NO? Nuthin’ more lively than that, Lively!)