Mike Walker

Princess Charolotte’s Real-Life Princess Fantasy

Real royal copycats fairytale princess wannabes!

princess charlotte kate middleton fantasy
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Mike Walker Reports…  Call me a commoner (or a dumb guy!), but I just got hip to this astounding crowning achievement by genuine royal Princess Charlotte.

Turns out that teeny/adorable two-year-old, a real little princess, loves to play “Princess” — just like every non-royal girlie-tyke on the kingdom of Earth!

She even keeps her closet chock-full of stuff like sale-priced slippers, gowns and tiaras!

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Sighed My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “It’s hilarious! The daughter of Duchess Kate and Prince William doesn’t yet realize that she’ll be wearing the official royal deal when she’s just a wee older!

“The precious child prances for hours … ‘pretending’ she’s one of the fairytale princesses she worships in storybooks and animated movies!”

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