Mike Walker

Princess Diana’s Spirit Lives On — In Princess Charlotte

Spooked servants speak of a royal haunting!

kate middleton princess diana charlotte
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Mike Walker Reports… I love spooky scoops, but this made me weepy as well — and it stars Royal Baby Doll Princess Charlotte, the 1-year- old daughter of Kate Middleton and … oh, what’s his name, er … Prince William!

My Royal Spy, Lord Knows, reports: “Royal household members are convinced cutie-pie Charlotte’s quite possibly the living reincarnation of beloved Princess Diana!

“Here’s spine-tingling proof: (A) Charlotte’s favorite song is ‘Sultans of Swing’ by legendary rockers Dire Straits — Di’s fave band.

“Whenever Charlotte’s cranky, Wills plays the song — and Baby instantly chills and coos!

“(B) Charlotte’s obsessed with Kate’s sapphire/diamond engagement ring, originally Diana’s — constantly grabbing it like it’s hers!

“But best of all: (C) When Wills showed Charlotte a Diana pic and told her, ‘This is your beautiful granny, Diana,’ Charlotte shook her tiny head — shrieking, ‘Me, me, me … Dee, dee … me, me, me!’

“Wills thought his heart would stop!”