Mike Walker

Prince William Flies Home Fast To Whirly-Girl Kate

Duchess loves a lifesaver in uniform!

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Mike Walker Reports… Emergency helicopter pilot Prince William literally rose high with excitement whenever he flew home to sexy spouse Kate Middleton after news reports that he’d saved the life of yet another stretcher-bound patient!

That’s because the Prince knew that Wifey was gonna stretch him out fast with one of her mega-exciting “Hubba-Hubba Hero” greetings!

Chuckled My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “When the prince was a heroic Royal Air Force pilot credited with saving 196 lives, he learned Kate always got very turned on by news of him rescuing the sick and injured, and would always give him an appropriate — or naughtily inappropriate — hero’s welcome home!

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“Nothing put Kate more ‘in the mood’ than hearing about Wills’ people-saving skills. He was always rewarded with a happy ending!”

Unfortunately, William’s strong-willed Granny (aka Queen Elizabeth!) finally insisted Wills should leave the military to concentrate on “royal duties” befitting a future king.

Said Lord Knows: “Luckily, Kate was still just as turned on during his civilian posting as helicopter pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance service because he was still doing what revs her engine — saving lives!”

But now the Meanie Queenie (… sorry, Ma’am, just joking!) has ordered Wills to quit that job and concentrate totally on royal duties — which he prays will still fire up Kate’s kockpit!