Mike Walker

Meryl Streep Accidentally Flashes A-List Crowd

Modest star startled when blouse turns see-through!

meryl streep nude wardrobe malfunction
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Mike Walker reports…. Talk about a hot flash! It was an embarrassing booby trap, literally, for the top-notch, titillating Meryl Streep, who startlingly showed off more of her A-list assets than she’d planned — in a chic peek-a-booby blouse!

“Meryl is quite proper and modest,” said my top source.

“She was at the swanky Paris premiere of her new movie ‘The Post’ with co-star Tom Hanks and director Steven Spielberg, wearing what she thought was a conservative, elegant black outfit that showed no skin.”

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“What she did not realize,” my source continued, “was that her high-necked silk blouse instantly became a see-through nightmare when cameras started flashing!”

Meryl just about came undone when she uncovered the fashion-flash fiasco, giggled the spy.

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“She sighed: ‘Oh no, my daughters will have a field day! They’ll tease me relentlessly, forever!’”

Mama Mia!