SALLY FIELD to Spielberg: “You liked me . . . you really, really liked me!”

“Lincoln” star SALLY FIELD made a startling confession to a gathering of fans: Four score and seven years ago, admits “Missus Lincoln,” she had a heart-thumping crush on director STEVEN SPIELBERG and flirted furiously – but sadly, they never formed a union because he had “other fish to fry!”

Back when the Hollywood heavyweights were young upstarts on the Universal lot, Sally – sizzle-hot in movies and TV – eyeballed Spielberg and was instantly smitten, so she had their managers arrange a getting-to-know-you meeting.

Steven showed up hoping for a directing job, but quickly discovered that work was not the agenda when lovestruck Sally kept staring at him through big, dreamy eyes.

Recalled the bubbly star: “He didn’t get work, but he liked me!!”

(Really, Sally…He really, really liked you ….??)