Mike Walker

Megyn Kelly’s Ruthless Romance Secret

'Today' host doesn't tolerate old flames!

megyn kelly romance secret brunt
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Mike Walker reports….  Megyn Kelly has seen her “Today” show ratings sink to new lows — but not as sneakily low as she sunk during her covert courtship with her handsome husband, writer Douglas Brunt!

The pair married in 2008, and Brunt’s the sire of their three toddlin’ tots!

Kooed a Kelly Kutie: “Megyn was so nuts about Doug when they started dating, she confessed to pals that she actually stole personal pics of him with his former girlfriend!

Megyn Kelly — Mean Girl Unmasked By Family Members!

Megyn — literally rifling Doug’s pad behind his back, and snooping his personal stuff — stumbled upon a private photo collection of her pretty predecessor!

“But while sifting evidence, she panicked hearing Loverboy stomping toward the room.

“Swiftly snatching up the snagged booty shots, Megyn swiftly secreted the improperly procured snaps in her private office!”