Mike Walker

Matthew Perry’s Mistaken Identity

'Friends' star confused with 'Morning Joe' host!

Matthew Perry & Joe Scarborough
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Mike Walker reports … Hunky Matthew Perry looked dumbstruck when a young female fan rushed to gush how “hot and hip” he’d looked on TV — figuring she must be talking about his days playing Chandler on “Friends” … but the chick chugged on about his terrific recent TV guest shot with his fiancée!

Chuckled My Friendly Spy: “Baffled, Matt protested he isn’t engaged — but the lass persisted, saying, ‘You even talked about it, and she was right there — that cute blonde with the pixie!

Matthew Perry: Friends-Less And Talking To Himself!

Then you sang a ‘punky’ song with your rock band on Stephen Colbert’s late night TV show! You’re Joe Scarborough, right?’

That’s when Matt finally got it — it’s not the first time he’s been mis-recognized as the famed journalist who fronts TV’s ‘Morning Joe’ news show with co-host and pixie fiancée Mika Brzezinski!”