Cheesy Reward!

Stephen Colbert Stiffing Staffers As Ratings Take Off

Bitter backstage drama at 'The Late Show!'

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With more than $400 million in late-night ad revenue hanging in the balance, Stephen Colbert and his “Late Show” staffers at CBS have knocked Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” off the late-night TV throne!

Colbert’s been crowing about beating Fallon in the ratings for nine straight weeks and the victories will translate into big time ad revenue for the network.

But the funnyman’s minions are grousing about getting only a small slice of the bounty — literally!

That’s because Colbert is rewarding each weekly triumph with a staff pizza party!

And the gesture has gotten a crusty response!

Stephen Colbert’s Secret Sorrow!

“We’re talking about a show that brings in millions of dollars in ad revenue,” noted one media insider to The ENQUIRER.

“With ratings on the rise, the show’s finances can only improve — and pizza is the best way they can thank the staff? It’s a disgrace.”

“People were hoping to be rewarded for their work,” added another source.

“But this isn’t the type of dough they were hoping for!”

Colbert, meanwhile, is taking credit for the show’s recent success, giving himself brazen verbal pats on the back!

“I’m a quicker and better writer,” said Colbert. “I am more comfortable being myself in front of an audience. I like this new relationship with the audience.”