Mike Walker

Martha Stewart’s Mind-Blowing Foodie Secret

It's a good thing ... and even better if it's gooey, fattening, and BAD for you!

martha stewart junk food scandal
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Mike Walker Reports…  Fab news, foodie fans! Mikey’s about to detonate that rarest of the rare — a Martha Stewart gossip goodie — and it’s oh-so-yummy!

No, she’s not back in prison with lesbians again! It turns out the Domestic Diva and Queen of Fine Cuisine’s hiding a shocking secret addiction to (brace yourself!) junk food! And rather than admit it, she sneaks her munchies from her live-in maid!

Spilled My Stewart Spy: “Martha’s ultra-sensitive about letting this junk-food bombshell explode.”

Martha Stewart Knocks Back Drinks Before Nodding Out!

“Even though her mansion houses more fridges and freezers than a medium-size market, she dreads nosy visitors poking around and spotting contraband like Cheetos, Cheez Whiz, chips and pretzels, etc.”

How does she satisfy the cravings? “She regularly makes secret raids on her maid’s private fridge to sneak forbidden treats!

“But Food Goddess doesn’t realize that her sharp-eyed maid not only knows her secret, she purposely restocks her funky fridge with gooey, gunky goodies!”