Domestic diva Martha Stewart has taught millions of women how to whip up delicious treats – but her own rich diet could be a recipe for disaster!

The 5-foot-9 entrepreneur used to weigh a healthy 140 pounds, but experts have told The National ENQUIRER it appears she’s gained about 40 pounds – mostly around her midsection – excess fat that can trigger chronic diseases, including diabetes.

What’s more, the business-minded trendsetter has done jail time for a stock-trading scandal, lost beloved pets and wrestled with failed romances. Such trauma, and her whirlwind schedule, can cause stress-related diseases. And, as she ages, the 73-year-old will have to fight an increasingly difficult battle of the bulge.

“As we all get older, our metabolism slows, and despite eating the same quantity, we gain a pound or so each year,” New York–based weight loss expert Dr. Craig Title told The ENQUIRER.

“Sometimes we develop certain diseases or take medications that also affect our weight,” he said. “The problem is that for every pound of weight you gain, you add six pounds of joint force to your ankles, knees, hips and back. So a five-pound weight gain translates into a whopping 30 pounds of extra pressure on your joints, which can lead to pain.”

Older patients who are obese are also at increased risk of heart disease, certain cancers, stroke, diabetes and arthritis.

Fitness expert Dr. Edward Jackowski, a former health columnist for AARP’s “Modern Maturity” magazine, says Martha needs to shed at least 15 pounds to regain a more youthful figure.

“Because she’s older, the weight-loss should be gradual so she doesn’t stress out her organs,” he cautioned. “She should aim for one to two pounds a week.”