Mike Walker

Kathie Lee Gifford & Meryl Streep: Getting All Mouthy!

The actress didn’t want the TV host’s wine from her signature collection.

Kathie Lee Gifford Meryl Streep Charity Gala
Getty Images

Good thing Meryl Streep’s a great actress! The Oscar winner showed up at a star-studded charity gala in Gotham, spotted chatty Kathie Lee Gifford supplying the noisy crowd of movers, shakers, wannabe’s and gonnabe’s with freebie bottles from her signature wine collection — then zeroed in with a major Meryl smile!

Said My SpyWitness: “Pointing across the noisy A-list table, Meryl motioned to Kathie Lee to pass over … what? … Puzzled KLG, bubbly as pink champagne, held up a bottle of her finest red, but Meryl shook her head, pointing again. Unable to hear over the jibber-jabber, KLG then held up a bottle of white, pantomiming, ‘The Chardonnay, maybe?’ NO, motioned Meryl!”

AHA, guessed our “Today” host, she wants the rosé … then held up a bottle, as in … “???” Meryl fervently shook her head, leaned across the noisy table and — displaying her laser-like acting chops — eyeballed KLG and mouthily mimed, “Chocolate … I WANT A CHOCOLATE!” … And how was YOUR week?

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