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Kate Middleton’s Rage As Prince William Confesses: I’ll Be Abroad With A Broad Alone

He's going to an ex-girlfriend’s wedding!

Kate Middleton Prince William Marriage — He Went To His Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding

Princess of Our Hearts Kate Middleton’s creamy English rose complexion flamed 50 shades of fiery, pissed-off RED when hubby Prince William had the royal balls to announce he’d attend the wedding of a fave ex-girlfriend — overseas and (are you ready, ladies??) ALONE!! — then had the chutzpah to ask Wifey to send the lass a nice gift! … YEEEEOOW! … Gasped My Royal Spy, Lord

Knows: “Kate stayed in England with the kids while Wills insisted on attending his ex’s nuptials in Kenya. Kate was aghast he’d even want to go, but Wills said, ‘I’m here in Africa on a royal trip anyway — so I want to see my old friends! And she’s bloody getting married, so why would you even care!’”

Wills was a tender 16 when he first met striking Jessica “Jecca” Craig — often referred to in the British press as “William’s first girlfriend” — on a trip to Africa. As for being ballsy enough to ask Kate to whip out a wedding gift, Lord Knows sighed: “There was dead silence — so Wills mumbled, ‘No problem! I’ll have my secretary take care of it!’” (Good thinking, Old Boy!)

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