Queen Rages As Princess Charlotte Suffers Comparison To Pippa!

Royal heads roll at a family gathering.

Pippa middleton princess charlotte queen angry
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Royal heads suddenly looked ready to roll at a British Royal Family yuletide gathering when Granny — a.k.a. The Queen — overheard a “royal somebody” (who we won’t name) abruptly pipe up and babble that new granddaughter Princess Charlotte “bears a startling resemblance” to Momma Kate’s curvy-assed commoner sis, Pippa Middleton!

Sighed my royal source, Lord Knows: “Her Majesty’s cool blue blood instantly boiled red as the idiot gushed, ‘That child looks like a Pippa mini-me!’ Kate and Prince William were chill with the comparison — the infant truly is a mirror image of her aunt — but the Queen’s jolly demeanor turned icy cold, like she was itching to decree, ‘OFF WITH HIS HEAD!’

“But keeping her regal cool, Majesty simply scoffed: ‘My great-granddaughter is certainly no look-alike! She’s a royal princess … and should be addressed as such!’” … OUCH! … All Hail, Your Grace!!