Mike Walker

John Stamos Donkey Scandal On ‘Full House’ Set

Heartthrob's cross-species appeal raised issues!

john stamos full house donkey
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Mike Walker reports….  Pinning the tail on this donkey always makes me giggle … Hee, HAAW! … ’cause I’m tempted to spell it “t-a-l-e” versus “tail!” (… but never, ever as a-s-s!)

Anyway, kick up your hooves, honeys: Cutie Candace Cameron Bure guffaws when gossiping about one-time “Full House” co-star John Stamos’ unfailingly bray-worthy effect on an ass … er, pardon, I meant “donkey!”

See, there I go again! But I’ll betcha the word popped into Candace’s brain … and yours!

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Anyway, Candace told one group of gossip-crazies: “We always had a lot of animals on that show, and once had a donkey.

“And every time that donkey walked into the kitchen, it got really happy to see John!

“So much so, we simply could not show the bottom half of that donkey!”