Mike Walker

George Clooney’s Doused In Diaper Duty

Actor gets surprise shower from new son!

george clooney
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Mike Walker reports … New dad George Clooney, soaked by golden showers totaling ONE BILLION BUCK$$$ from the sale of his world-famous Casamigos tequila company, got ambushed by a wee surprise “bonus” from peewee son Alexander!

Cackled My Clooney Spy: “George routinely gets ragged on by Wife/New Mommy Amal for lagging in the diaper-changing department! So before the duo stepped out for a recent date night, George stepped up his daddy duties with Alexander and twin sister Ella, forgetting that baby boys are trickier to change because if you’re not careful, they’ll hot-stream pee-pee right in your kisser … and that’s just what happened as Movie Star Daddy did his duty!”

George & Amal Furious Over Twins’ First Photos

Amal got the hugest kick out of Sonny’s spray-play, giggling proudly: ‘That’s my boy — Alexander The Great!’ … as George shuffled off for an emergency shower!”