Mike Walker

Demi Moore & Scarlett Johansson In Stripper Fiasco

Real life goes wrong for wild actresses!

Demi moore scarlett johansson stripper
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Mike Walker Reports… Talk about wild parties on movie sets: Filming their new flick “Rock That Body,” leading ladies Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon and Zoë Kravitz threw a stripper bash for their fave makeup gal.

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She had been set to celebrate her 30th birthday — but got shocked when her fiancé literally jilted her at the altar!

Said My Spy: “Scarlett, Kate, Demi and Zoë tried cheering their pal up with a ‘bachelorette/birthday bash,’ starring a hunky male dancer!

“But things got weird: The guy showed up in a grizzly bear costume, then stripped to reveal he was wearing … a tiny diaper!

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“The gals really started gasping when the guy leaped up on a table, flinging incredibly high kicks, then kicked his own head — crashing to the floor and suffering a concussion!”