Mike Walker

Chris Pratt: Jealous Wife Is Guardian Of His Jockstrap

Anna Faris dressed him down over dressing-room drama!

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Mike Walker Reports… Furious hottie Anna Faris of TV’s “Mom” bitched over how it’s been “stinging” to read press reports about her movie-star hubby Chris Pratt possibly cheating with hordes of Hollywood hotties!

The rumors got especially (pant, pant!) hot over Chris’ “Passengers” co-star Jennifer Lawrence — so imagine Anna’s crotch-ety reaction when she heard giggling in the dressing room while paying a surprise visit to the set of hubby’s new film, “Avengers: Infinity War.”

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Anna then walked in and eyeballed him barely-clad with a young female costume gal!

Hitting the ceiling, Anna barked: “Can’t they find a guy to help you change your jock strap? ”

Said my on-set source: “Chris instantly registered a request to producers for male and/or very ugly female assistants!”