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Brad Pitt Creeps To Jen Aniston’s Bed And Seduces Hubby Justin Theroux!

Comparing notes, boys?

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Brad Pitt’s screwing Jennifer Aniston — again!

A decade after sneakily bedding Angelina Jolie and dumping wife Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s BACK spreading more crap — stressing her new marriage by suddenly picking hubby Justin Theroux, out of all the actors in the world, to star in a major new film he’s producing … and making the deal irresistible!

Said my insider: “Brad’s made a major pitch to Justin, dangling big money — plus a possible Oscar nomination — in his face! Justin’s thrilled, really wants to work with Brad — and couldn’t wait to tell Jen his ‘exciting news!’ But Jen hit the roof! (DUH!) Now that she’s out of her ex’s bed, she’s horrified at the thought of New Hubby cozily creeping back in with Old Lover! Jen’s stunned that Brad’s created this nightmare — and she’s furious with star-struck Justin!”

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(Imagine Jen imagining those two getting chummy … and comparing notes on HER! YEEEOW!!) Stay tuned.