Mike Walker

Betty White’s Gag Gift’s A Gas!

Introducing the ‘Doggie Fart Extinguisher’!

Betty white NETUESDAY
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Never too old for a good gag, famed animal lover Betty White, 94, doesn’t bring wine or flowers to private parties, but triggers giggles with a gift guests adore — a device to stem the stench of pet pooches passing gas!

Said my Pet Patrol insider: “Betty’s constantly invited to dinner parties by animal enthusiasts like her, and stuns everyone bringing samples of her fave party giveaway, the ‘Doggie Fart Extinguisher!’ She stocks up on these fire engine-red devices that guarantee farts get gone with the wind, buying them in bulk because she thinks they’re the perfect host gift! People are shocked and confused at first, and when Betty starts demonstrating, guests always erupt in laughter!”

… And how was YOUR week?

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