Open Season!

Kathie Lee Gifford Ready For Husband No. 3

Chatty host hits reset button on romantic clock!

kathie lee gifford dating marriage

Kathie Lee Gifford is ready to put her widow days behind her; the “Today” chat queen, who lost hubby Frank Gifford in 2015, has matrimony on the mind!

Kath stunned her staff recently, babbling away about another marriage,” a backstage spy blabbed to The National ENQUIRER.

“She said: ‘I’m friendly with my ex even though it was so many years ago, and I don’t even consider it a marriage.

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“It was a contract we had with the state of California.

“You know, Frank was my first husband as far as I’m concerned — hopefully, he won’t be my last!’ ”

Whaaat? “Kathie Lee’s turning 65, but she’s not giving up on romance … or another sprint down the aisle.”