Sex Secrets Frank Gifford Took To The Grave!

Frank gifford getty

It’s the sleazy secret Frank Gifford kept closely guarded – he was a serial adulterer!

Frank – who passed away on Aug. 9 at 84 – two-timed his first wife, Maxine, with second wife Astrid, and then he cheated on Astrid with third wife Kathie Lee!

And while wed to Kathie Lee the “Monday Night Football” host was famously caught in a sex romp with flight attendant Suzen Johnson!

Now, in an exclusive interview with The National ENQUIRER, Astrid opened up about carrying on a four-year affair with Frank while he was wed to Maxine, his college sweetheart.

“He was married, and I thought I could deal with it. But I couldn’t. I loved him. I needed to get away and make a new start,” 72-year-old Astrid told The ENQUIRER.

She moved to Vail, Colo., in 1977, and Frank’s “Monday Night Football” partner, Don Meredith, and his wife visited her that Christmas.

“I was still very close with them,” Astrid revealed. “I had my little life out there, and I guess they told Frank. So he came out and said he wanted to marry me. He just showed up at the door!”

Six weeks later they tied the knot. Their eight-year marriage ended in 1986.