Rob Shuter

Kardashians Ready To Cash In At New Network

Kris Jenner looks to double clan's $150-million pact!

kardashains kuwtk new network contract
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Rob Shuter reports…. When the Kardashians and E! come to the end of the clan’s massive $150 million deal in 2019, the reality first family plans to call it quits!

That is, unless they can find a new network willing to cough up more “KUWTK” cash!

Kris Jenner is looking in the $300 million range for a several-year deal,” a Kardashian source claimed to The National ENQUIRER.

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“At this point the family is doing the show for one reason,” the source continued.

“They have nothing to prove and are not going to get any more famous.

“It’s now 100 percent about cash.”