Boldly Gone!

William Shatner’s Underwear Held Hostage

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William Shatner had his skivvies stolen by a crazed female fan — and then she held them for ransom!

“Star Trek’s iconic Captain Kirk revealed that the woman said she’d only return his undies if he signed a bunch of memorabilia.

“I was in a hotel and when I came back to my room, my underwear was gone,” said the veteran sci-fi star. “Somebody had been in my room and stole my underwear!”

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Shortly after, he got a call from a gal who said she’d meet him in the lobby where she insisted he sign a load of memorabilia in return for his briefs.

When the furious star refused, telling her: “I’m not going to sign all that!” she opened her shirt and told him, “Well, sign this!”

Instead, said Shatner, he simple grabbed his undies and ran — adding: “I still don’t know how she got into my room!”