Struggling Stars!

‘Will & Grace’ Revival — Stalled Careers Behind Show’s Return

Series reboot is a life raft from NBC execs!

Will and grace reunion
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The controversial sitcom “Will & Grace” is rising from the dead — but insiders say the return of the show masks some ugly truths!

NBC has ordered a 10-episode revival of the popular sitcom, which ended after an eight-year run in 2006, and a TV mole says there are two reasons for the shocking second chance!

“The sad fact is that the show’s stars haven’t lit the world on fire,” said the insider about cast members Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes.

“Megan and Sean are brilliant in the series as Debra and Eric’s sidekicks.

“But if any of them scored big in the movies or with another series — well, this reboot would never have happened.”

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NBC execs were happy to sign the hilarious sitcom about a gay lawyer Will (McCormack) and his straight best friend Grace (Messing) — but only after the four actors made a 10-minute “vote” video that went viral.

And that’s the second reason the show is coming back, said the source to The National ENQUIRER.

“TV execs are just plain lazy. They see fans are interested and they start salivating. The show was once criticized for reinforcing gay stereotypes, but all that matters are viewers and the dollars they bring.”

Added a second spy, “The fan base is already there, so the network thinks of it as a sure thing. They’re scared to take a risk with a brand-new idea.”