The Legend!

Newlywed Supermodel Couldn’t Resist Warren Beatty

Landed in bed while trying to break it off!

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High-fashion covergal Pat Cleveland was so devastated by Warren Beatty’s charms, she went to bed with him right after getting hitched to another man.

Now 65, the supermodel reveals she turned to jelly when, as a 24-year-old, she met the “Shampoo” hunk at a photo exhibition with Andy Warhol in 1975.

“Warren was even more handsome in the flesh than on celluloid,” she said in her new memoir, “Walking With the Muses.”

The following day, Warren sent her a dozen roses ­— and his number!

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They plunged into a steamy affair and got “together every time he came to New York City.”

After marrying male model Martin Snaric in 1978, Pat went to tell Warren and end things. But “he was irresistible ,” Pat admitted. “I succumbed. We had sex — great sex.”

Finally, she told him, “I got married,” and Warren replied, “Divorce him. Marry me!”

She wrote: “Walking away from Warren that day was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do.”