Tom Cruise Shuns Daughter Suri – For Scientology!

Ex - Katie Holmes fled church to save herself and daughter.

Suri Cruiselooking at Inset ofKatie Holmes and Tom Cruise With Chhurch Of Scientology Building In The Background
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Coldhearted Scientology kingpin Tom Cruise has put his religion before his daughter Suri’s happiness in a shocking display of egomania, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

Based on his church’s teachings, Cruise believes he can snub the teen and her outcast mom, Katie Holmes, since Suri is not really his daughter — only a reincarnated space alien!

“The church has this idea that children are just ‘thetans’ or spirits in a small body,” explained former Scientologist Samantha Domingo. “Tom most likely believes Suri is just another ‘thetan’ in a body and he’ll see her again in another lifetime.”

Shockingly, Scientologists believe that if a child dies, “you can have another one, and the spirit you lost can come back in a new body,” according to Sam, who held various roles in the church for 22 years.

That’s based on the faith’s bizarre teaching that space aliens, known as “thetans,” were killed in a nuclear holocaust thousands of years ago and their spirits inhabit the bodies of humans.

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Desperate to shield Suri from Scientology, insiders said, former Dawson’s Creek cutie Katie, 40, divorced the Mission: Impossible star in 2012.

Tom, 57, reportedly hasn’t been seen with his now-13-year-old daughter in nearly six years — and that’s likely due to Scientology’s “disconnection” policy that forbids the Top Gun hunk from having contact with his ex-wife, who’s considered a “suppressive person,” according to Sam.

“Tom’s not allowed spiritual counseling in the church if he has any connection with Katie, so Suri would be collateral damage,” said Sam, whose previous marriage to Placido Domingo Jr., son of the famous opera singer, gave her the status to rub shoulders with Scientology’s most high-profile members.

That includes Cruise, who’s known for being Scientology leader David Miscavige’s right-hand man.

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Tom, who did not respond to our request for comment, has also shunned his ex-wife Nicole Kidman and manipulated their adopted children — Isabella, 26, and Connor, 24 — into never speaking to her, according to Sam.

“Tom made the decision to disconnect from Nicole and have his children disconnect,” said Sam.

What’s more, Isabella and Connor have been taught to give up on a relationship with their adoptive mother, she said.

Happily, for Nicole, she now has two young daughters with second hubby Keith Urban — but she may never see Connor and Isabella again, said to Sam.

“In their eyes, Nicole is what Scientologists call a ‘meat body,’ ” Sam said. “She’s not really their mother. She’s just a bad person.”

The Church of Scientology denied our story.